Can Herbal Remedies Be Dangerous?

September 1, 2017

The production and advertising of herbal supplements is a huge business. It is not supervised or monitored by the FDA; therefore, it is a matter of buyer beware. Do you take one or more herbal remedies? Have you ever questioned whether that pill or drink is perfectly safe to put into your body?It may not be and we are now learning that in some cases supplements may be dangerous.

For example a new review reported that the proportion of all drug related liver injuries that could be attributed to supplements has risen from 7% in 2004 to about 20%. Body building formulas and weight loss products accounted for about half of the cases of liver damage. Various other supplements accounted for the other half.

It is very tempting to pop a pill to treat a problem or to reach a goal. Do some research first and make certain that the risk is not greater than the benefit.


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