How to Live Longer and Age Less

December 17, 2017

In our books TriEnergetics and Live Longer Live Healthier we have emphasized  the fact that you have two ages at the same time. One is your chronological age and the other is your biological age. You can look older or younger for your years. You can also act and feel younger or older for your years. The choice is yours. It is not complicated. In fact it is quite simple. It depends on the lifestyle choices that you make.

We were excited to read a new study proving that someone who looks and feels older that their years may actually be aging faster. The opposite may be true for those who seem youthful for their age.

In this study researchers tracked 954 adults in New Zealand. Participants were enrolled at age 26 and were followed for twelve years. The investigators measured a range of factors including the condition of the subjects vital organs and immune system, their fitness level, IQ, height and weight. This information was entered as the subjects biological age.

 At the end of the twelve year study the biological age of the participants ranged from 28 to 61!

Some of the subjects did not age physiologically at all. At the other extreme some aged two or three times as much. These subjects  looked older, had problems with strength, balance and coordination. They also showed signs of a decline in cognitive function.

The authors emphasized that genetics account for only about 20% of the rate that people age. Exercise, diet, stress and smoking play a much larger role.

The conclusion of the authors of the study was that lifestyle choices account for about 80% of the speed with which you age. Do you want to stay youthful and vital or do you want to age prematurely? As we say in our books the choice is yours.

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