Diet Myth #2 – Diets Are Healthy

April 3, 2018

Diet Myth #2 is that diets are healthy. What do you think. Is it healthy to go on a diet? 


This is what we think. Fad diets are like fashion trends. They come and they go.They have a moment of fame when they are sensationalized by their proponents and by the media, frequently without any clinical studies to support their health claims. Be careful most fad diets are not healthy. Some are downright dangerous creating conditions of acidosis, ketosis or nitrogen imbalance.


You may lose weight on one of these fad diets but that does not mean that you are healthier and unless you change your eating habits you will probably gain there weight back.


We will feature 1 post a day for a week on this topic. Look in tomorrow for the next installment!




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