Can You Live Well With Alzheimer’s?

July 9, 2018

Many people have the idea that Alzheimer’s is a one way street to inexorable decline. The belief that treatment is ineffective discourages those with memory issues from seeking treatment.


The reality is very different according to Gayatri Devi M.D. a neurologist with over 20 years experience treating patients with memory loss. His opinion is that Alzheimer’s is not a single disease but a spectrum disorder with a wide range of symptoms, responses to treatment and prognosis. Many of his patients have been stable if the diagnosis was made early. He states that we have not yet learned to associate the disease with functioning, independent individuals, but they are in fact the majority. In his opinion a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is not necessarily a barrier to leading a life of fulfillment and cognitive engagement.


All of us need to take his message to heart.


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