What about Soda and Kids

July 3, 2018

Doctors have been cautioning parents for years about the dangers of sweetened soda. The news is finally reaching the media. USA Today recently reported that two thirds of kids drink at least one soda on any given day. The bad news is that nearly a quarter of American children ages 12 to 19 have either Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. The relationship between the soda and the diabetes speaks for itself. Of course there are all of the other junk foods that many of these kids devour. They all add to the problem.


The message from the media was that it is fine to have an occasional soda. I don’t take issue with this, but the question is how do you limit a child to a once in a while soda? I recommend that with children it should be all or nothing at all. You will do them a favor.


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