Wine, Caffeine and Chocolate Help to Keep Your Brain Sharp True or False?

July 30, 2018

Many “experts” have touted the virtues of red wine, coffee and dark chocolate to keep your brain sharp. Not so fast. A new study from the Global Council on Brain Health has sobering news. The found that here is no  significant benefit on brain health from  drinking wine or coffee or eating chocolate. The recommendation was to  only drink wine in moderation and with meals.


They also reported that the short term effect of caffeine is to increase awareness, but that there is no evidence that it is beneficial to brain health.


What should you eat. Just what I have been advising in this newsletter. Eat a diet rich in green leafy vegetables and berries. Include omega 3 fatty acids for additional protection. See some of our other blogs for the recommended dose of fatty acids.


The bottom line for everyone is still unchanged. Eat and drink in moderation. A little wine, a little coffee and a little dark chocolate should be enjoyed. The key is a little.

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