Are You Thriving?

June 26, 2019

Robust health is not a factor of age as much as it is determined by your lifestyle. A short article in an ophthalmology journal caught our eyes. It was written by a female ophthalmologist who noticed that her 26 year old patient looked more like he was 50. His complexion was gray and he was bloated and lethargic.


She suggested that he was not thriving and recommended that he go on a 30 day diet that eliminated all inflammatory foods. This diet is featured in a book the “Whole 30”. On this diet you eliminate grains, dairy, soy, sugar, alcohol and legumes for 30 days. After that you slowly reintroduce each food and watch for signs of intolerance.


This patient went on the diet and when he returned in eighty days the doctor hardly recognized him. He had lost 18 pounds and was revitalized.


We do not agree with this approach but there is no disagreement with the results in the case that we presented. It points out that it is possible to drastically Improve your health by changing your lifestyle.


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