More On Inflammation

February 7, 2020

Inflammation causes disease. and as  you get older your immune system has more difficulty suppressing the inflammation. That spells trouble. 


This is how the problem begins. Something puts your body into a state of stress and keeps it there. This may be a chronic disease, an autoimmune disorder, weight gain, psychological stress, poor nutrition or exposure to chemicals or allergens. 


Your immune system responds  until the stressor is gone or until the immune system is overwhelmed, Poor eating habits with pro-inflammatory foods create a cycle  of recurrent stress and more disease. These foods are high in  sugar, unhealthy fats and low in fiber. They feed the “unhealthy” bacteria in your digestive  tract. These bacteria damage the lining of your digestive tract and allowing inflammatory particles to escape into your circulation. In medicine we call this the “leaky gut: syndrome.



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