Getting Started on the

TriEnergetics 6-Week Program

We want you to get started on the program as quickly as possible. There is no better time to make a change than right now.


To get started, you will need only a few basic items.

  • Comfortable workout clothes that allow for a full range of movement. No tight belts or collars!

  • A pair of good walking shoes, available at any specialty sporting shoe store.

  • A watch with a second hand, or a stopwatch, for timing your walk.

  • A set of elastic exercise bands, available through or at most sporting goods stores.

  • (The elastic bands are not used until the fourth week of the program, so there is no reason to delay starting until you get these.)

  • A ball the size of a soccer ball

The goal of this program is to help you live a healthy life, fully integrating the three major energies of your health. In each weekly session of the TriEnergetics plan, you will find a new goal in each of the three major categories: body energy, mind energy, and nourishment energy. Each of these guidelines is progressive, building upon the changes you’ve made the week

before. Best of all, each weekly recommendation is gentle and easy, never requiring you to make a huge lifestyle change all at once.


In the body energy sections, you will find new goals in aerobic and strength-training exercise. Each week you will improve your aerobic conditioning and add another strength-building exercise to your weekly regimen.

The goal is to increase your aerobic capacity, tone your muscles, build your bone strength, and firm up your body.

In addition, each week we’ll give you a new Taoist stretch to help limber your body, improve your flexibility, loosen your joints, help you relax, and ward off muscle pain.


In the mind energy sections, you will find weekly assignments in meditation, deep breathing techniques, and stress reduction strategies. The goal here is to help you combat the deleterious effects of stress on your body,

while helping you to integrate your mind with the wonderful changes that are happening in your body as you proceed through the program.


In each nourishment energy section, you will find your weekly assignment for a slight modification in your diet. Each change has been carefully thought out by our staff of nutritionists and dietitians to give you maximum benefit with minimal effort. The goal is to move you gradually toward a  healthier diet to maximize your energy, strengthen your immune system, and

minimize your risk of illnesses such as heart disease.



You must make a commitment to enhance all three of the major energies of your life simultaneously for this program to work to its maximum potential. If you follow only the exercise plan or only the stress reduction plan, you will still see some pleasant changes in your body, your mood, and your energy level, but you won’t get the maximal benefit unless you do all the parts at the same time.

In your body, each of these energies is connected to the others. Your nourishment will have a tremendous impact on your mood, your ability to handle stress, and your energy level. Exercise will brighten your mood, but it works best when the body’s muscles are properly fueled. And simply exercising and eating well isn’t enough to help you combat the overwhelming stress of daily life.

Your body is a very delicate machine. For it to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, you must balance all three energies. Each week, in addition to new goals about body, mind, and nourishment energy, we’ll present you with a weekly action plan, a carefully constructed motivational exercise for you to use to maximize your commitment to the program.


We encourage you to use the action plan each week. Take the time to think about the questions and write out your answers. We’ve included plenty of space for you to write right in the book. There is a huge mental difference between simply thinking about the questions and actually writing out your answers. Writing will strengthen your resolve and create new pathways in your brain, committing you to improving your health. Don’t miss out on

this opportunity to maximize the benefits of the program.


To help you get started, we’ve included a number of pretest forms at the end of this chapter. We’ve left ample space for you to fill out these forms right in the book. These worksheets will help you clarify your current health status and your needs. Once you have a clear idea of your current level of wellness, you can better focus on the changes you want to make over the next six weeks.


We hope you’ll commit to a healthy, active TriEnergetics lifestyle seven days a week while you are working the program. It’s important to pay attention to each of the body’s energies on a regular basis. We encourage you to:

  • walk four times a week

  • perform the strength-building exercises three times a week

  • complete the stretches every day

  • practice meditation and deep breathing every day

  • practice mindful eating at least once a week

  • rest on the days you don’t exercise


We’d like you to get started on the meditation routine the very first day. Everyone who has enrolled in our seminars has taken to this routine with enthusiasm. We bet that you, like our seminar participants, have a need for some peaceful, quiet time in your hectic life. In chapter 8, we discuss the benefits of a regular meditation practice and provide a basic meditation exercise to get you started.

To get the most benefit from meditation, make a time for yourself when you can sit undisturbed. If you have the TriEnergetics meditation recording, you can use it each day to help you along. If not, simply concentrate on breathing deeply into your belly and allow your body to relax.

Once you have experienced the tranquility of deep relaxation, you will find yourself looking forward to the next time that you can sit peacefully.


The TriEnergetics nourishment program is carefully planned to help you gradually modify your eating habits. It’s easy to do. The changes may seem small, but remember, they are cumulative. What you do the first week

carries over to the second week, and the first and second weeks’ changes carry over to the third week, and so on. By the time you have completed the six-week program, you will have made significant changes in your eating habits.


In chapter 5, we introduced you to the concept of mindful eating. By practicing mindful eating, you’ll find eating to be a relaxing, calming experience. You’ll enjoy your food more, and you will learn to recognize just how much food your body actually needs. You’ll learn to stop eating when you are no longer hungry instead of continuing to eat until you are stuffed. Mindful eating is also a wonderful meditative practice.

We don’t expect you to eat mindfully all of the time, only occasionally. Once a week would be an ideal way to start the practice. When you practice the exercise, concentrate on it. Make it pleasurable and relaxing.

Once you learn to stop overeating, you’ll be amazed at how easily the excess weight comes off.


Begin taking the supplements the first week. As you learned in chapter 6, your body is at war with free radicals, unseen enemies that are aging you and damaging your cells. Protect yourself by building up your defenses with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.


Now you should be ready to get started. Before you do, consult with your physician if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or elevated cholesterol; if you’ve had an abnormal cardiogram; or if you are a heavy smoker. In fact, if you have any question about your health, we suggest that you get your doctor’s approval before you begin the program.

We want you to succeed. We’re here to support you in any way that we can. If any questions come up, contact us through our web site at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Enjoy the program; Enjoy the results!

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